Saturday, 16 March 2013

Confession #9 - Keep Your Calluses Up! (Warm-up! - Exercise #3)

Everybody knows that line about bleeding fingers from Bryan Adams "The Summer of '69".  To the average person on the street, this probably sounds like hyperbole   But all beginning guitars players know that Bryan was not making this stuff up.

When you first start playing, the finger tips on your fretting hand are going to hurt!  And the longer your practice session, the more they are going to hurt.  The good news is that your body will build up calluses on your fingertips.  Once this happens, the pain goes away.

So one of your goals as a guitar player is to develop your calluses and to keep them up.  The key to developing your calluses is daily practice.  The key to keeping them up is daily practice.

If you only pick up your guitar once a week, your calluses will be slow to develop.  If you play every day to the point where your fingertips start hurting and then stop, they will develop much faster.  Even if all you do is 5 minutes of warm-up exercises, this will speed their development.

Once they've developed, you need to keep them up.  Again all this takes is regular, and preferably daily, practice.

Warm-up! - Exercise #3

Warm-up! - Exercise #3 is similar to Warm-up! - Exercise #1, but now we only play two notes per string.  Skipping strings like this helps with your picking hand development, and playing only two notes per string helps develop your finger independence in your fretting hand.

As with Warm-up! - Exercise #1, I like to start Warm-up! - Exercise #3 by playing each note twice, and then switching to playing each note only once.

Warm-up! - Exercise #3

Now you've got 3 different warm-up exercises to use in your practice sessions!

Next Week's Confession - Learn the Folk Rhythm!

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