Saturday, 10 August 2013

Confession #29 - Finger 3-4 Independence! (Exercise #3)

This week's post is a variation on the exercise in Confession #22 - Finger 3-4 Independence! (Exercise #2).

This exercise uses a similar finger/string skipping pattern, but the movement is "forward" this time and the exercise is played on strings 5 and 6.  This requires your fingers to stretch out more than when playing on strings 1 and 2 and thus presents new challenges, especially to fingers 3 and 4 which aren't as long and therefore have to stretch more.

Finger 3-4 Independence - Exercise #3
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For even more variation, you could play Exercise #2 on strings 5 and 6, and play Exercise #3 on strings 1 and 2.

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